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Host a Node

The StorX mainnet is here. Put your un-used Disk Space to Work. Get paid to build the future of cloud storage. Join today to earn SRX.

Become a Node farmer on the StorX Network and contribute towards a new decentralised, secure, private and affordable internet. Get rewarded for your efforts and investment by earning SRX Tokens.

With the collective efforts of our farmers we are able to create a distributed cloud storage capacity. Users/Consumers are able to store data without any restrictions at nominal cost as compared to monopolized entitities. Our network is trustless and every bit of data is encrypted which make it far more private, secure, scalable, distributed, cost-effective compared to other players in the industry.

Farm Node Hardware Requirements

  • 6 Core Processor
  • RAM 8 GB (16 GB Recommended)
  • HDD 1 TB SSD / NVME Recommended
  • Minimum 10 TB Bandwidth
  • Minimum Upload / Download Speed of 100 MBPS
  • 24/7/365 Availability

* The Farm Node Server specs keep evolving as the Network Grows.

Farm Node Staking Requirements

  • With Farm storage Node Setup, farmers have to stake SRX Token
  • Minimum as per Incremental Model and Maximum 1 Million SRX tokens can be at stake
How to Acquire SRX Token ?

* Note: To get hosting and staking rewards, farmer must stake the SRX token and maintain sufficient node 'REPUTATION'. Low 'REPUTATION' may result into reduce in Hosting rewards.