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StorX Tokens (SRX) are intended to facilitate the provision and receipt of data storage and related services through StorX software application, which serves as a user interface and development platform on StorX Network. StorX Tokens (SRX) are not intended to be a digital currency, security, commodity or any other kind of financial instrument.

The contents of this website provides an overview of the network and are subject to change as StorX refines its plans. Changes to the network, the SRX Tokens, and other information referenced in this post are entirely within the discretion of StorX, and could result from commercial, technical or legal issues, among others. We believe that greater transparency will contribute to the willingness of users, storage node operators, and other service providers to participate in the network. While we have made every attempt to be accurate, it is provided as is, and you should not rely on this report for any decisions regarding the use, acquisition, or disposition of StorX Tokens (SRX).